ABOUt us

ASRA is an acronym which represents a systematic approach to learning complex material, because at ASRA we believe that if a thing cannot be explained simply enough, then it cannot be understood well enough. The meaning of ASRA acronym is as follows:





What We Do

Our engagement is conducted with the end user in mind i.e. the student. We recognise that teaching does not merely entail the transmission of information but also the transmission of passion for the material being taught; thus, the bulk of the responsibility in learning lies with the teacher and not the student. The end goal in our engagement is to elevate a student’s comprehension of the 5 law school courses from a place of ‘conscious incompetence’ to a place of ‘unconscious competence’ i.e. increase your proficiency to optimum. We want our students to go into the exam hall with the competence and confidence to answer any question, and beyond that, to become very successful lawyers.