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What We Do

We offer tutorials to candidates of the Nigerian Bar using private, semi – private, public, and online tutorials.

  • The private tutoring involves just one student and a tutor.
  • The semi – private tutoring involves a tutor and a group of two, three or four students.
  • The public tutoring involves a tutor and a larger class size (maximum of twenty students).
  • The online tutoring is by video lectures

Our tutoring extends beyond the physical meeting between the tutor and student, as we utilise digital classrooms to monitor and assess our students’ performance, and provide additional materials to address areas of difficulty.

Other value – adding services are also available on a case by case basis depending on a student’s peculiar needs.

Law Maps

ASRA Law Maps present a concise summary of the different topics under each module in flow charts and spider diagrams that have been prepared in a logical manner. A user of the map can intuitively understand the progression of thought and make mental connections with the different components in each topic. It can be pinned or pasted on the wall and is a very effective revision tool for visual learners.


Principles In Prose

ASRA Principles In Prose derives its inspiration from the ageless art of storytelling which has served as an efficient mechanism for transmitting knowledge from one generation to another. Important principles in the different modules are infused into every day, real life scenarios, to enable the reader appreciate the practical application of principles in factual scenarios.


Statement Of Principles

ASRA Statement Of Principles presents a concise statement of key principles as answers to questions and cues on different topics in each module. It is a useful tool for consolidating a student's knowledge of key principles under each module and for learning the case law and statutory authorities underlying relevant principles.


Summary Notes

This is a collection of easy-to-read notes on the five law school courses. The notes are designed to be interactive as the user will find questions dispersed across the topics, with clues and references to sections in the notes where the answers may be derived from. The summarised nature of the notes makes it a very efficient tool for revision.


Draft Work Book

ASRA Draft Work Book is a collection of standard drafts and precedents in the different modules. It also contains structural outlines and practice pages for users to practice and perfect their drafting skills.


Past Questions & Answers

This is a compilation of past bar final examination questions and comprehensive answers to the questions. It is unique from other past questions and answers resource, as the questions are grouped under separate topics, to enable the user evaluate their level of comprehension as they complete study or revision of each topic.


Case Notes

ASRA Case Notes provide summaries of the facts of principal cases and concise statements of the principles from such cases. Understanding the underlying facts in a case has been shown to aid a student's recollection of the principles which makes this a useful tool for connecting cases to principles.


Lawyr App

Lawyr is a revolutionary app created with invaluable insight obtained from years of experience from the perspective of students and teachers. It uses assistive technology in helping students track their progress while preparing for the Nigerian Bar examination. Lawyr contains a compendium of multiple-choice questions from the past Bar final examinations and special course related flashcards to help revise aspects for the essay section of the exam.


Elevate Your comprehension of the law school courses